Award-winning sports' fisherman. Trust the experience and skills of an award-winning sports' fishermen. They have provided their services to a past president, various sports heroes, actors, and senators.

Meet Captain Mike Patterson

Born in Baltimore Maryland and raised in Westminster, Mike began fishing in a small stream behind his house at the age of 4. Growing up in Maryland give him many opportunities to fish in ponds, streams, lakes, the Atlantic Ocean, and let’s not forget the Chesapeake Bay.

In his early teens and early 20s he shot many firearms. Mike would hunt for anything that gave him a challenge and also became an avid archer for hunting and tournaments. He became a State Champion many times over and won The National Title at the age of 23.

Capt Mike Patterson's Fin-tastic Fishing Charts

Mike’s career choice was an electrician but at the age of 26 Mike had a terrible accident, he fell through a roof that was up 30 feet and broke his neck. His break was the same kind as Christopher Reeve’s (Superman). After a lot of luck and rehab Mike realized that the time had had left in this big beautiful world was now on borrowed time and wanted to live his life to the fullest each and every day forward, Mike was still limited as to the things he could do, so with his love for the water Mike changed his career and learned to scuba dive and soon became a dive instructor. With his knowledge for fishing, diving and love for the water he moved to Islamorada “The Sport fishing Capitol of the World”, in the Florida Keys, and ran a dive shop and soon after bought an offshore boat and started a Fishing Charter business. Mike realized he really enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion of fishing with others, he loves meeting new and exciting friends, and besides, it’s not so bad to have your office under the big blue sky and nothing but water all around you.

Sailfish became his fish of choice. Mike competed in every tournament in town and won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in almost every tournament that he competed in. So then it was time to try backcountry and flats fishing, after 1 year Mike sold his off shore boat and became a full time Backcountry Fishing Guide, winning many backcountry tournaments and is still backcountry fishing today.

Mike has had the opportunity to be a Fishing Guide for a past President, sports heroes, actors, senators and some very interesting fishermen and enjoys every minute of it. You could sit for hours and hear all the interesting stories that Mike has to offer about events, people, and some pretty interesting situations he has come to find himself in. This is what led Mike to The American Outdoorsman and is very honored to be a member of the “Pro Staff”. He is looking forward to bringing his passion and knowledge of fishing to The American Outdoorsman.

Mike has been a fishing guide for about 30 years now. He made a full recovery from his near death accident and by looking at him today you would never know that it even happened. He continues to live his life to the fullest and is thankful for every day he has.

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Capt Mike Patterson's Fin-tastic Fishing Charts

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Capt Mike Patterson's Fin-tastic Fishing Charts

Contact Captain Mike for your Florida Keys fishing trip. The location of his fishing boats are at Robbie’s Marina, mile marker 77.5, bayside. Spend a beautiful day out on the water and get to know the Florida keys as you relax and reel in some fins.

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